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I need to add friends who play call of duty 5 online ps3?


If you play call of duty 5 online for ps3 just write down your ps3 name i’ll add you so we can form a clan.
Also so we can kic a* on call of duty 5 together! I am level 65.
Update 2:
Give me your ps3 name so we can play call of duty 5 together

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  1. Hey yea I was looking for some friends to play that as well. My psn is martyboi94. I just got the game for my birthday on the 14th so i’m kinda new to it but i’m really good. I just started online last night and i’m at level 16. So add me as a friend and we’ll play. Also, if you have GTA IV, COD4, or BBC than we can play those as well.

  2. I MIGHT be getting it within the next few weeks. i have to convince my dad to let me get it (since its rated M) and i have almost convinced him. I told him that there is a “bad content” filter on COD5 and i will turn that on. Do you know anything about this? email me back and let me know.

    oh and my PSN is cyclones3 and i have 100 friends which is the maxium amount of friends so just message me and i will delete someone and add you.

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