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If one person has an Xbox live subscription, do the others on the console also have it?


It’s my brother’s birthday soon, and our free 1 month trial is almost gone, so I want to get him a 3 month sub. However, I also play online. If he uses the card, am I also able to play online, or do I need to buy myself a subscription as well?

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  1. NO others do not have the same credit, another slap in the face from microsoft in my opinion lol, one of many reasons why i am switching to a ps3! yea! blueraayyy hd beauty!

  2. u will need one for urself. if u dont want to use his acct. plus if u have ur own acct u and him can both talk to people if u have ur own mics.

  3. No — you activate the account, not the console.

    Microsoft is supposed to be coming out with a “family plan” later this year, where for the price of around 2 subs, you can have up to 4 accounts all with Gold.

  4. The answer is no. Only one account can use the cards. You both could share an account making it cheaper and both of you could play. To truly answer your question it depends on whether or not you use the same account then you have to go buy another card.

  5. youll need to buy you one to. microsoft is really shitty and poor about that. they would do anything to make that extra 20$ from anyone

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