If Xbox One X is $500 – How Much Will Next-Gen Consoles...

If Xbox One X is $500 – How Much Will Next-Gen Consoles Cost?


The pace of technological advancement is slowing down. Xbox One X is the fastest console possible in 2017 but how much of a leap is it compared to 2013’s PlayStation 4? Just how expensive would a true next-gen console be if Xbox One X costs 9?

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If Xbox One X is 0 - How Much Will Next-Gen Consoles Cost?

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  1. Is this a serious question? Newer tech cost more, and they gradually go down in price over time- This is completely normal. WTF?

  2. Xbox 360 started out at 400 bucks I think an extra hundred dollars is more than reasonable

  3. Seems like everyone has forgotten the the PS3 with the 60GB storage option was $599 at launch! On top of that it was my least used console ever. I had every console from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft plus a Goldstar 3DO and the PS3 still got the least amount of usage and was the most expensive. *I did not get a PS4 because Sony lost me as a customer with the underwhelming PS3.

  4. Don't care about Xbox one Xtra power. $500 in US. Imagine price in other countries. Specially Asian region. Cost would be around $800-1000. So long story short. Keep wasting time, money and energy on launch parties. No one buying.

  5. Not as much, because unless 8k tvs will become mainstream, 4k resolution will be the most popular, as 1080p is now.
    Meaning that the cost of producing components for a 4k machine won't be as much as it is now… so probably the next gen will be 4k 60 fps standard, with pumped up graphics.. which will be the real step forward.

  6. 4K, 4K, 4K, whatever happened to those "I don't need 4K, just give me 1080p and 60fps and i'm good" comments?

  7. Pc gamers get so bored of there pc's they have to come to these videos and act like idiots lol

  8. I hate people talking about frame rate two options open world 30 shooter 60 that's usually how it goes but you still seen people talk about frame rate buy a fucking PC stop complaining and if the Xbox One X system cost too much get the cheaper one and enjoy it

  9. You know what, I don't care about "true" 4k shit in consoles cauz I know there is no consoles can really play a native 4k game with new technology of game producing. What I care is the similar experience and far more choices of games. I was obsessed with Scalebound, but it's cancelled. I love Age of Empires, but MS closed Ensemble Studios. And now Spencer said he doesn't like exclusive contracts. Bullshit! They can't even give us anymore fascinating new IP because they nearly closed all of the great studios and just hold their old ip as a landlord grabbing food from farmers. So good luck MS, playing well with ur new electric garbage.

  10. What sucks is if this is true I can't even upgrade my PC yet because it's already strong but not as strong as I want.
    Upgrading my pc now isn't worth it yet.
    Guess I'll just have to suck it up.

  11. DPI can help with some depth perception but what I (and any of my half intelligible mates) care about are more polygons

  12. A GTX 1070 alone is $400+…So quit crying. You're getting 4k gaming at a fairly budget price.

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