IGN News – PS4 Pre-Orders Halted at GameStop

IGN News – PS4 Pre-Orders Halted at GameStop


IGN News - PS4 Pre-Orders Halted at GameStop


  1. It stinks that they shut pre orders down. Wish I had known a while back, since I had recently went up to gamestop to preorder one, and they said that preorders had closed

  2. dont you ever say that you count on this clouding service.
    you need TONS of gbps to actually notice increased game and media performance beacause of the cloud

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  5. I havent preordered my ps4 only because i have bills to pay, i wont be getting an xbox one because its a shitty console. I was going to but when i saw the press conference i was like wtf and then they changed their policies because they saw they were hardly selling…. Video games is my life, i guaruntee you i know and i have played way more games and consoles than you and im the younger one. Ive owned atari, sega, nes, snes, n64, all the gameboys, all the DS's, ps1, ps2, ps3, 360, and more

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  11. And if sony said that i want fucking links cause thats a lie. If you are as keen on internet as you say you are, you would know not everything on the internet is true.

  12. dumb shit cross multiplayer chat is apart of the network, and if fanboy has been before internet, then the fact the word came out of nowhere 4 or 5 years ago is just amazing, bitch you know not at all what your talking about, and who calls it junior high anymore, you sound old af, further justifying you not knowing shit about this shit, i go to school for it panzee ass bitch

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  15. Youre the dumb ass because i was JUST looking at current sales they are close but ps3 is still ahead dumb SHIT, you are a fanboy so im not even gonna argue with you about the ps3 outperforming the xbox, because its just fact ps3 had better hardware and graphics.

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