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Im turning 14 he is turning 13 and we both live far away from each other, the only way we can talk is on Xbox?


Ok so I’m turning 14 in December and my boyfriend is turning 13 in September. We have this long distance relationship going on for about 3months and no one really knows about it, but the thing that bugs me is that he lives in KY but I live in ME and we can’t see each other at all and the only way we can talk to each other is by the same way we met which is on xbox360. and I don’t have a phone and I cant really contact him at all (besides Xbox) and now my parents are now taking the Xbox away from me because they say I use it toooo much, but my little bro who is 10 gets to play it all day and my parents don’t even care that he plays the game more than I do but yet they tell me to GET OFF! wtf I don’t mind if they take the games away but taking away the only way I can contact him just makes me feel like I have this huge empty hope in my heart. I know that I will always love him, he cares for what I have to say and he doesn’t push me, and I’m kinda a shy girl and I don’t talk much but when I’m around him it feels like I can say anything to him<3 I love him I would do anything for him and I know that he loves me too<3 I do get bullied and pushed around a lot so it's kinda hard for me to be all open hearted and stuff but I really love him and almost ever night he sends me a message saying "luv u, good night" he says that even though I already know that he loves me and I always do the same to him<3 Ok this is how we met One day my little bro bought Minecraft for his Xbox. And he showed it to me and I got addicted to the game.later my little bro got Xbox Live Gold. I stared playing an online game and this dude joins my world and greefs it using TNT and I got pissed so I send him a message(don’t remember what I said) and he was he was sorry that was really mean and stuff later we became good friends and about 4months later Boyfriend and Girlfriend pleases dont put any mean comments all I ask is. do you think this relationship will go well not seeing each other? Thanks!

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  1. Get on Xbox, ask for his address, send dirty pics to him and then hitchhike all the way down to live with him. It’ll work out fine.

  2. Long distance relationships never work out. especially something like this.

    End it now before it’s to late

  3. Sorry bruh, but long distance will never work out, it didn’t for me and not for anyone else it seems. You gotta remember as well you are pretty damn young and a long distance relationship for someone of your age is just not right. Technically first off how are you his girlfriend if you met on Xbox Live and have never gone on a real date? And he is a year younger than you, you going to be a freshman next year probably and what to do you want to remember and tell your friends on how you met your boyfriend, through Xbox Live without going on a real date once or that you met him through school or while being outside? You are way too young and you know maybe if you were like 16 and could drive it would work but you’re not so my suggestion is that if you want to keep the relationship going on then you should no one is stopping you but seriously just wait or leave it because you are too young and a relationship through Xbox is not that great and its weird kind of I’m sorry but it kind of is.

  4. lol, no and not just cause you’re little kids that can’t even drive, but relationships (long distance or otherwise) don’t really work out if you can’t actually spend time together in person.

  5. Awww. Well I don’t know much about long distances relationships, but maybe you guys can skype or facebook each other.

  6. No, the relationship will inevitably end with you guys breaking up. Think about it. You’re both barely teenagers, and you can’t ever see each other. Long distance relationships barely work out with adults, never mind hormone-crazed teenagers.

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