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Infamous Second Son PS4 Bundle Unboxing


Update: The PS4 Cost me £369. It doesn’t come with PS+ this doesn’t bother me as I already have PS+. Thanks for all the views as well 🙂
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Infamous Second Son PS4 Bundle Unboxing


  1. Is this not avalible in U.S? I really want to buy this because of the box. Its not in retail btw. HOW DO YOU GET THIS URTIMATE BUNDURU

  2. Yea royally I don't even play the PS4. PS3 I still play more 2nd son was ok u play 1 infamous u play them all C.O.D Ghost is garbage u play 1 C.O.D u played them all & last the last kill zone its garbage as well the last 1 that came out 4 da PS3 was 10x's better. I do like if u have a vita u can play disc games n turn I/O the PS4 if u have the same connection other wise the PS4 is a garbage system as well.[;;/]

  3. You would have to be crazy to buy this bundle for $477.You can buy a PS4 for $399 and the game for $59.That way you would save about $20 

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