Itunes on PS3, Hulu, Vuse?

Itunes on PS3, Hulu, Vuse?


Ok I can access my pc throught media player 11 now and watch movies that i put on my pc on my flat screen, but how can i access my itunes? I looked up vuse but what does that actually do? Ive tried watching hulu on my ps3 but it wouldnt let me. The vuse download mentions playback options for itouch ipad and iphone ps3 and xbox, I just want to access itunes throught my ps3 and if possible hulu. please help

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  1. the ps3 can do all of that. it has internet connectivity. [in a sarcastic tone] right? well, then you can download all of that. btw, add me to your psn. my id is mattywtf

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