Joe Danger 2: The Movie Review – Video Review

Joe Danger 2: The Movie Review – Video Review


This action movie sequel is bigger and louder, but is it better?

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Joe Danger 2: The Movie Review - Video Review

CGR Undertow - JOE DANGER 2: THE MOVIE review for PlayStation 3


  1. I got this game through the steam humble bundle and had it for a while but never played. I'm gonna give it a play through cause it does look kinda fun.

  2. Just tried this for the first time, you press L1 and R1 to do tricks- but my god it feels unresponsive. I really, really, really wanted to like this game, but I find myself crashing constantly because I'm to busy staring at my character (to see if the game is responding to my inputs) to focus on what's ahead.

  3. Got this on psn for free not saying this is news but hey this game is free and people on the fence check out totalbiscuit he breaks down everything in the game really well.

  4. Thank you for proving part of my point. IGN rated this game 8/10, which is a GOOD rating. Yet you perceived it as the game getting a bad review.

  5. Though I agree with the downfalls mentioned by the review, it's hard not to give a "thumbs up" to a new aged Excite Bike.

  6. This is why I have no respect for IGN. I hope they fall under and make room for more competent, proper games journalists.

  7. i am getting trials freestyle on ps3 and when gold hits pc i download it as torrent 😀 thanks man

  8. Urban Trial Freestyle is the closest thing to Trials you will get. It's better than Trials HD, but no where near as fun as Trials Evolution. You could always wait for Trials Gold on PC

  9. Goddammit. Why did this stupid fucking speech impaired piece of shit have to review this game? I really wanted to see a review of it, but not by him.

  10. I really enjoyed this game but it had very long loads. However, I'm not bothered by it considering I got the game for free.

  11. JU-JU-JU-JOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEE DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNGEEERR! Man, I never forget that opening for the first game. Love this game, thanks to PS+.

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