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King of Wushu Character Selection+Gameplay


King of Wushu Character Selection+Gameplay


  1. hey dude, i caught this game on ps4 and the run still exactly the same. are there any new stories/ game update recently?

  2. How did you register to the game? can you please send me the link? (i dont understand chinese btw, i have only found chinese websites) :c

  3. Kura looks Gorgeous !! is there anyway to play this game ? and is there a confirmed release date ?

  4. that looks very interesting! I hope this game gets a fair payment model and finds a playerbase big enough to survive.

  5. This is a very interesting story driven MOBA, much slower than the typical ones that are popular, but this looks to be very promising. Definitely looking foward to the next video on this game.

  6. oh btw there is an age of wushu on your phone now to, i played its good from what i played so far

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