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LA Noire Video Review


LA Noire Video Review


  1. Damn I wanna check out this game bc its a R* game but just found it its just published. Yikes

  2. One of the most criminally underrated games ever. It's a shame we'll never see a game like this for a while, cause developers nowadays are more worried about DLC's rather than making a good game.

  3. When I first played this game I realized this is not like GTA or RDR. It really makes you think. Overall I really enjoyed playing this game.

  4. This one sure most underrated game of all time! I've never heard of anybody talking about this game like big mainstream games would do. I mean, I've played this game in the first place tho but never one of my friends knew bout this at that time. This sure a masterpiece, they should consider making a sequel on this one for sure. 10/10

  5. Games are subjective, if you think someone's opinion can be wrong, than you're the one who is incorrect.

  6. "LA Noire isn't like most games developed by Rockstar". Just wow. IGN are meant to be professional

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