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Lords of the Fallen – “Infinite” Health Potion Farming (glitch)


Just follow the instructions on the video or read the short version below.

In a nutshell:
1. Go to the chest near the very beginning.
2. Open the chest, but do NOT pick up the item!
3. Get yourself killed.
4. Go back to the chest.
5. Pick up the item only ONCE, or it’s gonna disappear!
6. Get yourself killed again.
7. Repeat process!

Btw.: This is from the PS4. Can anyone confirm this glitch is working on other platforms?

Lords of the Fallen -


  1. I move forward some on the game and this freaking grave yard boss is so hard. cannot pass him, can I go back here and do the trick and go back to that boss? If yes how can I do that?

  2. infinito aonde puta que pariu que babaca deve ser noob mesmo infinito cara e quando vc usa avontade sem quantidade se liga video ridiculo

  3. Amazing, thanks! Worked sept 19th with the PSN free game of the month download. Stopped at 10!

  4. Can you do this once you hit ng+ if you've not done it in ng? ( Only collected it the once then moved on )

  5. lol i did this with another chest that gave a attribute point but i didnt know about the glitch so i only got 6 points for some reason

  6. Yo everyone 😀 this glitch still works on PS4 as of September 13 2016. Although after a successfully doing the glitch it shows the shard but won't allow me to pick up? Anyone else having this issue? It stops allowing me to pick up after dying around 10 times

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