MIDDLE-EARTH Shadow of War Gameplay (PS4 / Xbox One / PC) 2017

MIDDLE-EARTH Shadow of War Gameplay (PS4 / Xbox One / PC) 2017


MIDDLE-EARTH Shadow of War Gameplay (PS4 / Xbox One / PC) 2017


  1. The first game turned out to be easy and had a rushed ending I believe. Not too much stories behind each orc leader which I like about this. You can see new and improved killing techniques. Im hoping for more of a challenge because it did seem like you were able to storm a fort, knock out 3 minor boss moments and one major moment like it was nothing. Are those moments where the conquered enter the story line, random? And how much control do you really have over the conquered?

  2. I'm guessing this is an 18 rated even though just looks like someone has dropped black currant jam

  3. The Dragon looks a little bit off, maybe the flying animation… despite of that, the game looks cool and good I think it will be great.

  4. This looks….AMAZING! All of us were HUGE fans of Shadow of Mordor. Several of us played through it several times. This looks to have expanded greatly on what made that game great. $100 for the Gold Edition? …oh he@$ yeah!

  5. You don't create a Tolkien based game without the "Lords" in the title and expect to conquer all the audience.
    Only the enthusiastic kids from Steam who would buy anything you do, nice-gameplay then there you'll find ''respect''.

    Good luck. And don't steal animations this time people.

  6. A lot of the things shown in this seem WAY too scripted to be an example of the random generation system. I have no doubt that this game will be even better than the first, which was a great game its own right, but show us actual gameplay in a gameplay trailer.

  7. Looks boring af. Ripping off abilities from so many other games and mashing it into one op smug looking dude on a linear map= boring. Gimme something original please!

  8. HOLY SHIT SHADOW OF MORDOR IS BACK, ok let's check that shit out

    00:00 wait, orcs learned how to tame beasts? Interesting
    00:05 HOLY SHIT A DRAGON…or a wyvern?
    2:50 i like this guy
    3:53 that was a weird animation
    4:02 hmm this guy looks tough
    4:27 uhn…nevermind
    4:51 i really like this guy 😀
    5:20 that is some cool shit
    6:42 aw shit i knew this guy was something else =D
    7:58 i always hated those guys in Shadow of Mordor
    8:26 no…
    8:30 no no no…
    8:35 FFFFUUUUCK!…i liked him…r.i.p Az-Laar :c
    9:08 that was cool but they cutted the video or it was a glitch?
    9:57 that was a fair bitch slap, NEVER burn a guy's dick
    12:10 the minions in Shadow of Mordor used to be more stronger lol
    14:02 lv51? Never mind, now i know why they look so weak
    15:40 YOU'RE ALIVE?

    my poor GTX 960 and my AMD will get raped if try to play this game on my pc, i need to upgrade my shit

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