MLB 2K10 Gameplay Trailer

MLB 2K10 Gameplay Trailer [HD]


MLB 2K10 Gameplay Trailer [HD]


  1. sadly, the last good game ever made by 2k sports. if only they could put as much effort into their sports games as they do their regular games, you will have ps3 users buying this game

  2. @juanloko2 yeah. i simulated season after the final game of the season and it simulated right to the 2nd week of November with every day block on the calender between them blank

  3. @juanloko2 hey. i started a franchise with a 52 game season and had the best record in the league, but after the last game of the season, i cant figure out how to start the playoffs! ive looked all over.

  4. even though I'm quite an avid 2k fan.. MLB2K10 has got to be one of the most glitched game I've ever played. MLB 10 the show wins 2010

  5. @jonnyclaudebelshe – yea man th graphics are awesome but idk, i perfer ken griffey jr baseball for th N64, idk, th camera angles are a heck of a lot better than this!!!!!

  6. I only have a Wii, as I cannot afford any other current gen consoles. I thought I was getting a so-so game with 2K10 for Wii, but after seeing this I feel like I got completely ripped off.

    Compared to baseball on Wii Sports, 2K10 for Wii is heaven. But compared to THIS…it looks like crap. Looks like something that could have squeezed out of the PS2 half a decade ago. I am actually going to make an assertion that Mario Super Sluggers has more attractive graphics than 2K10 for Wii.

  7. @salirs You Took the Words right out of my MOUTH!!! MVP 2005 was the absolute best EVER!!!! I still own it and play it. I too played The Show and 2K and didn't like either one of them. Both games have serious glitches that drive me CRAZY!!!! Yes, the graphics are great but the gameplay can be very unrealistic at times. Neither one was worth the money.

  8. @salirs You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth!!! MVP 2005 was the greatest ever, I still own it and play it today. I played both The Show and 2K as well and didn't like either of them. Both games have MAJOR glitches which drive me insane. Yes the graphics are great in all but the gameplay at times can be SOOO unrealistic.

  9. hey i got question for this game i am done with the season but i cant get into the postseason bracketts i cant start the postseason does anyone know what i press to get into the postseason thanks a bunch!!!!

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