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My ps3 doesnt want to read any type of disc what can I do to make it work without sending it to sony?



  1. I remember that you can change the lens of the reader for cheaper but you will have to know how to do it. Try google for some answers.

  2. If you have a warranty on it still then send it back to Sony. If you don’t then depending on how well you are at fixing things you can take it apart and clean the eye on the drive. Their are videos on You Tube that explain how to take it apart for cleaning. You have to be very careful and make sure that you take the disc out before starting. There are springs inside and it has to line up perfectly or it won’t work at all after that. You can clean the eye with just alcohol and a Q-tip. Watch the videos carefully and make sure you understand what you are getting into before you start.

    You can also use a cd cleaner kit that has the cd with the brushes on it. It won’t hurt anything.

    Both of these have worked for me in the past to get my ps3 up and running. It eventually just died on me and I had to replace the blu ray drive. You can also just do that if you are willing to pay for another drive. You can find them on e-bay at a reasonable price usually.

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