I did receive this game from the publisher to do for this review but like always my thoughts are my own and not influenced in anyway.

Hey everyone here is my review for Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas on the playstation 4 it is also on IOS, Android, Steam, and Xbox One.

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  1. I was debating on this one cuz it was on sale for Golden Week. My thoughts looking at the screen shots on PSN were heavy Zelda vibes, and I don't usually get into Zelda that much, let alone a clone.

    But I left the trailer on PSN play, and walked off to get my daughter out of the tub. When I came back, I see Nobuo Uematsu staring me in the face. WTF?? Is Uematsu the composer for this? If so, I want to pick it up for that reason alone!

  2. Great review man, you just tipped the scales in favor of a pick-up. I was looking for a simple Zelda type game and this looks like it will fit the bill perfectly. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for the review. I guess I'll get it, it's on the Golden Week sale right now on PSN.

  4. For those looking to get this game, it's on sale right now on PSN store, I'm thinking about getting it.

  5. stylewise is pretty garbage. Like very basic cartoon style, looks like one of those UNITY package you find on unity store. Rly looks shit. Wind Waker was very original, this is as uninspired as it gets.

  6. Finished the game this morning and got the Platinum trophy. As a trophy hunter, I admit to playing some bad games solely for the Platinum. I picked up this title hoping to enjoy something heralded as a "Zelda clone" and the Platinum trophy was a bonus. Unfortunately, this is easily the worst PS4 game I have ever played.

    Here's a list of the good things: Music

    Here's a list of the bad: Poor level design – No serviceable map of the dungeons/overworld – Combat super simple – Bosses are uninspired and comically easy – Fishing challenge is horrendous and frustrating – Story is severely lacking – Camera – Cannot break pots with your sword

    Perhaps the sequel will be better, but I for one will never purchase another Oceanhorn or anything developed by Cornfox & Bros.

  7. Surprisingly great review! use a proper microphone next time though as the audio quality was sub-par compared to the review. Something like the Rode Wireless Filmmaker kit would be perfect (assuming your camera has a mic input).

  8. I know there is a stigma about clone games but… A good clone of a good classic is still a good game :-) shame about the linear sailing though… that was my favourite part of wind waker

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