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Pixel Junk Eden(PS3) Gameplay


Me playing Pixel Junk Eden on my Playstation 3. I just got the game so Im not very good but I have gotten better. Thanks for viewing my video! Please Subscribe! =)

Pixel Junk Eden(PS3) Gameplay


  1. Great game, love to smoke pot and play this (or drink beer) and later on you need to be sober, it gets VERY hard. good music too!

  2. Do not underrate this game: it's obviously more a complete game than most nowdays "big titles".
    Do not overrate this game either: it's just a pretty platform. You may be entertained for some minutes but unless you're a lover of the type … that's it.

  3. I bought this on the PS STORE only because it was $1,00 ,,,, I still don't know what the fuck I am doing….This game is weird , no instructions or anything…At least I'm high as fuck though.

  4. no that's the size of your brain. -.- just kidding yes that's what your sperm does when free

  5. @XxSteelyoxX: it's addictive because of the hypnotic music that's being played!

    @Youtube PS3 users: THIS is the crap they make for PS3??! Gheeze what a WASTE of system resources.

  6. basically. . . . . . . . . . . SONY do music really good,,,, i know i used to work for them, ,, ,, everything else they fkn SUCK lollol try it out yourself send your loved SONY product back for repair and see the results for youm selves lolololololol and good luck waving that ice cream cone around fer a bit microsoft have much more advance software even now, we scoff at you and your 99's lmfao

  7. OMFG seriously. i mean litttttteeerrraaaallllyyyy seriously. i should kill a mouse for every day u do this and squeeze it into your lunch somehow with MAYO and a liittllllleeeee bit of fissshhhhyyy swwwaaaaaaa un du pan pete a paan mit ein zeimlich kliene brote un nicht ein kopf is geilt das ist gebrocken mein kopft ist nicht gut. . . . . .

  8. i believe the game is corrupted, once i deleted and now it is not working,instead of going to the game it goes to data.anyone has this problem?

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