Playing Fifa14 online on ps3 or xbox?

Playing Fifa14 online on ps3 or xbox?


Hi there, i know here on yahoo answers it has been asked several times about xbox or ps, i tried to read some questions before writing down here. i realy have nothing to do with that fan-boy thing, i just need some answers for real :)

İ own ps3 for some years and i mostly use it to play fifa online

But after all years i ve been sick of lag issues with fifa when playing online,

And since i dont have any friends of mine having xbox i dont really know how fifa14 responds to online play on xbox,

On ps3 its a pain the. when u get in a match having tons of lags and imterrupts and 5 min match may end in 10 mins cos of delays and stucks. I am sure xbox must have that kind of problems too, but how often does it occur? With my ps3 its like %50 chance to get a clean connection and nice gameplay. Thanks in advance

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  1. For me, I don’t have any problems. Generally its good connection for me.

    I don’t know how it works on PS3 but I assume its pretty much the same, what I mean is, you can actually change your settings when playing against other players online, you can change the settings where you want to face players that has good connection. There’s also a lobby where you can see how good there connection is. Sorry but if its you, then you’ll have to get off the internet on the PC and other devices if you want good connection.

  2. of course it is possible using ps3 for playing fifa14. but fifa 15 will come , less people like to play fifa14. i found a site in a forum recently ,it sell cheap fifa15 coins

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