question about theft on xbox live?

question about theft on xbox live?


me and this random kid i found on XBL agreed that he would sell his account for 1600 msp so i gave him his msp for his “other” account and he removed me as a friend and ignored my messages. what can i do get what i paid for or anything like that?

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  1. Call Microsoft, that’s your only option. Chances are you won’t get your points back unless you remember their account name and can prove that it was supposed to be a trade and stuff like that, it’s a long process. Sounds like you fell for a trap, big time. Be glad it’s only 1600 MSP and not something more valuable, honestly. Learn from this.

  2. Since engaging in or advertising transactions on Live is a severe violation of the ToS and it results in a permanent ban when caught, there’s nothing you can do. Going to Microsoft about it will only admit that you violated the terms you agreed to when you signed up. the best thing you can do is learn from this and know not to do it again.

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