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Raid World War 2 Gameplay Demo (E3 2016)


Raid World War 2 Gameplay Demo (E3 2016)


  1. Alot of people keep trashing the game for : "Shit Graphics" but thats just your retarded expectations because you compare it so much with other triple A titles like Battlefield and Call of Duty as if all games need to be hyper-realistic. It's both sad and hilarious to see how people immediately write off really good games simply because it doesn't have "Real-Life immersion"

  2. i have a weird obsession for russians and like to do a russian accent but i dont know it looks like payday but i like payday so i might buy it

  3. This game looks a bit repetitive and then gameplay seems like a fast pace twitch shooter, and for that reason I'm out.

  4. To everyone saying that you saw the trailer and the gameplay is shit. This was a demo that they scratched togeather to get something out at e3. the game will actually be much more polished

  5. I like the idea, but I really hope the visuals are improved before release. It looks older than Payday 2, and that is hardly cutting edge either.

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