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red rings in an xbox 360?


hey, i got three red rings but it didnt flash or anything it just came up than before this happened i was playing resident evil 5 and aracde games and it just freezes so what do u think i should do should i be worried?

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  1. The fastest and least expensive method is to fix it yourself. Took me a couple hours and about $15 to fix it. Here is the guide I used: [url is not allowed]. I did this about 5 months ago and it still works just like new.

    Or you could send it to Microsoft, wait over a month to get it back, and if you don’t have a warranty on it then you will have to pay $120.

    I chose to fix it myself, save a lot of money, and have it done that same day.

  2. You have to call, (1-800-4MY-XBOX) to send it back in or go to Repair.Xbox.com to return it

    The Repair process takes 1-3 months

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