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Should a damaged disc affect online gameplay (xbox 360)?


I know this is a pretty nooby question, but I’m just wondering – would a damaged disc affect online/multiplayer gameplay in Red Dead Redemption? Whenever I try to do free roam it will work fine up to a certain point, then it gets laggy and glitchy and I can’t move (I notice this happens usually when I’m on horseback, my horse will run into the ground and I’ll need to exit to the main menu). When that happens the disc seems to be “laboring” for lack of a better word. It also will not let me pull up the select or start menus, or allow me to switch between weapons – which is a huge pain in the butt.

I would really love some help dealing with this issue, so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t think that it is a connectivity issue, but for all I know it could be. I can connect fine to xbox live and take part in voice chats/parties etc though.


  1. yes the disc does effect you when online though it gets confused because you are online and it cant mess up like it would in single player.

  2. It depends where the disc is damaged. But yes, if damaged in the right place, it can affect multiplayer.

  3. Yes, a bad disc can effect gameplay, this sounds like an issue with memory or your xbox accessing the HD. There are several factors that could be making this issue. Try cleaning the disc and the lens on the xbox and replace the disc.

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