Snapshot for PS Vita and PS3 debut trailer

Snapshot for PS Vita and PS3 debut trailer


Snapshot for PS Vita and PS3 debut trailer


  1. I saw this game demoed at CES 2013. I was hoping it was out now. I should have asked more question about it and release date

  2. Assassins Creed 3 was already released and so was Need for Speed.. It's called it takes time. I mean it's fairly obvious the developers of those third party games you want have been busy working on new ones for the PS3, so why on earth would they just throw a Vita version in the mix so it ends up being crappy.

    Wouldn't you want them to finish their other games first then take the time to work on a Vita version?

  3. I like the concept of Snapshot and it unique features. I wonder if this will be free or affordable game.

  4. Looks like I'll be able to play my vita as much as I wanted to!!! I was worried games wouldn't come out both uncharted size and psn size weeelll I could use another uncharted quality game but ehh gt6 vita will be out soonish!

  5. So those that you hate are not games. Great! You are the source of all knowledge then. All hail to you!

  6. they're on the way man but have you seen any footage of soul sacrifice? That shit looks sick! And Gravity rush is coming in like 11 days or something and the demo of that was GOOOOOOD!!!

  7. The graphics look awesome and the gameplay looks better! I really need money so I can get a Vita

  8. I completely agree with this. A CoD & Bioshock were announced near launch but nothing has been said since. :(

  9. +flo rida
    The only reason Xbox started so early in the cycle is because that was the version that the of version was in at the beginning of development for 360 version. If they have a current build to work off of, why would they intentionally spike development? It would only piss off their fan base and thin their profits. But an Xbox fanboy who speaks with caps lock like you wouldn't understand…

  10. are you gonna play minecraft ps3 when it is out

  11. i couldnt really see if theres XP on the hotbar, not sure if there will be enchanting right away

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