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Virtua Fighter 5 Online (Xbox 360) Review – videomasterstv.com


Virtua Fighter 5 Online (Xbox 360) Review - videomasterstv.com


  1. @uadfa A deep game doesn't always contribute. Go back to the older games. They weren't deep, they were fun. If a game relies too much on being deep, or being more story driven, it's basically an interactive movie.

    I never thought of myself as "high esteemed". I'm just a guy giving his thoughts and feelings on games.

  2. @GrilledMonkeyFat Depth contributes to great gameplay, content adds to replay value. I thoguht a "high-esteemed" game reviewer like yourself would've known.

  3. @ayyyoooo29 why were you watching a review if you already knew most of the stuff about the game?

  4. Yes, it's a review. It's what I thought of the game.

    And as far as these other modes you mentioned, I don't really care about them.

  5. i love soulcalibar 4 so before u say there are no good games that are on the 360 soulcalibar is amazing


    As in depth adds replay value.
    Don't you think that Street Fighter Third Strike is just a SLIGHTLY better game for having so much depth that it's still played competitively today, 10 years after it's release, than otherwise?

    Don't you think that Dragon Ball Burst Limit or Tenkaichi should be marked down for being so shallow that they could be mastered in 5 days?

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