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What is the best Xbox 360 game?




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  1. COD4

    The multiplayer is amazing. It has the best graphics I have ever seen, and it never gets boring.

  2. Halo 3 for sure. Although the campaign was relitively short, xbox live makes up for it by far.

  3. call of duty4 for now because they got some good games coming out soon like Gears of war2, call of duty 5, mercanies 2 (out now), and even more.

    but COD4 for now because of its great graphics, good online play, great compagin and more.

  4. to be honest i would say either

    Call of Duty 4 – brilliant graphics, good campaign, amazing multiplayer.

    play on a HD Ready tv with HDMI cable for full benefits.

    Bioshock. – amazing graphics, good storyline, no multiplayer but the storyline makes up for it.

    like COD4 play on a HD Ready tv for best results. and in the dark because its not a very well lit enviroment that you play in on the game. but its awesome.

  5. it depends what type of game u like.

    if its racing then grid would be the best game.

    which is good online to

    if it was shooting it would be halo 3

    if it was war game it would call of duty 4

    which is amazing online

    if it was football game it would be fifa 09

    if it was athletics it would be the new bejjing olypics

    and if it was an adventure game it could be king kong

  6. COD 4 and Halo 3

    Both are good for online gameplay but COD4 is better than Halo 3

    RPG the best is Oblivion

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