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what would be a better time to buy the ps3 slim, during x-mas time, or black friday time?


i hoping to get one on x-mas, so will the price still be 300 bucks or lower?


  1. Sony sets the price, and so far, all stores have followed the MSRP. No stores have sold the PS3 cheaper than what Sony suggests. So it’s still going to be 300 on Black Friday or Christmas. The only way that you can get it cheaper is when Sony decides to lower the price.

    The PS3 will still be 300 bucks, but you can get a bundle for less because Sony doesn’t control the price of games. For example, you might be able to find a PS3 slim with 3 games for 450 instead of the normal 480 (PS3: 300, 3 games: 180), so you can look at it as a 30 buck price drop for the PS3.

  2. wait for black friday as i expect $ony to bundle the PS3 with some games for the same price. or even better, stores might have the PS3 for 300 but a gift card of like 50 bucks to help you get a game for it. i suggest you wait and if nothing happens, wait for christmas.

  3. You might be able to find a pretty good deal during black friday, but this does not mean you are going to be paying less, just a better deal. Like they might do the PS3 slim (299) but throw in like one game (59.99) and some Blu-ray movie (20.00) for like 350 or something.

    Check sites like dell they always have some coupon for like 15% off electronics. Sometimes you can get 15% off and then like free shipping.

  4. There is usually no discount at retailers, but you may find a deal with a free bundled item (game, extra controller).

    The SonyStyle website sometimes has rebates when you open a credit card account with them and then buy a featured product, so you could keep checking to see if they offer a deal on the PS3. One Christmas they had a $100 credit if you got a card and then bought a PS3 with it, so you could apply the credit towards games or controllers.

    Special offers are listed here: [url is not allowed].

  5. For crying out loud why doesn’t anyone get it? The ps3 will not lower the price on Black friday

    And the $300 is permanent price drop

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