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When will PS4 sales calm down?


By this i mean when will the high demand for PS4’s stop so it wouldn’t be that hard to get hold off one? For example in America, have the sales calmed there?

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  1. Typically sales start to slow and consoles be readily available 4 to 6 months after the consoles launch

    by then the early adopters have theirs already and anyone else who really wanted one enough to stand in lines or go to the store every day until the found one has theirs too

    this was how it was for the wii , ps3 and xbox 360 launches , the only ones in recent times that didn’t have this much demand and hype were the wiiU and psvita

  2. The PS3 dropped about $100 in one year but then the PS3 started as a $499.99 system. With saying that the PS4 is starting at $399.99 (not $499.99 like the PS3). I think the year to year decrease will be more like $50 and the system might have a larger hard drive etc.

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