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which ps3 game should i buy?


so i can buy 1 game and i’m not sure which one to buy

I have modern warfare 2, killzone 3, sports champions

I use to(lost/stolen :$) have uncharted 2,black ops,fifa 10,assassins creed brotherhood,gran turismo 5, and rock band(i have the guitar, the drums, and the microphone but not the game)

so my plan is to wait till november to get mw3,uncharted 3 or assassins creed revelation(1 of them) then get the other for my birthday and the other for christmas

but what do you think should i wait or should i get one now (if so,which one) or wait till november


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  1. if u wanna try a game like u’ve never played before, check out heavy rain. its a great game. look into it

  2. Uncharted 3, but keep in mind that you have to wait regardless because they all come out in November?

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