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Which PS3 rapid fire controller is the best? Not For FPS!?


I am just getting into gaming and I am planning on getting a PS3 and am interested in playing the God of War series and Heavenly Sword, I AM NOT into real life first person shooters like Call of Duty or Gears of War or whatever.

I have been playing my friends PS2 God of War game and love it, except that I can never rapid hit whatever button fast enough to deliver a kill blow, so I am forced to either hand off the controller or quit the game.

I want a rapid fire controller that will enable me to finish my games on the PS3 alone, but the only information I can find on the internet is that rapid fire is for b;tches who can’t play Call of Duty. That doesn’t apply to me so.

Which controller is the best rapid fire controller for the PS3?

Will the rapid fire work for all the buttons? specifically O.

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  1. ok when ur playing use ur middle and index finger alternate to hit O, i dont know of any controllers that have rapid fire for O

  2. you could try ebay.or import one from japan.they’re kind of expensive though.or you can make your own i think i’ve seen youtube videos on how to make your own.

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