Xbox One: Greatest Games with Quantum Break

Xbox One: Greatest Games with Quantum Break


Xbox One: Greatest Games with Quantum Break


  1. hello microsoft all we like What would you have done with live gold free for 3 days could be free all online games without paying live gold because this very expensive and nimguem has conditions to be buying voceis could free to play online on Xbox for free

  2. please accept my humble request microsoft that is please give me a xbox one which is not good for selling but working plsss……

  3. So, is Xbox like Atari and Sega now? Do they just PUBLISH games?

    I just don't know why anyone would play some of these games, if they have a decent PC. I can't think of any Xbox One exclusives, outside of Halo 5 and Forza…. Hell, Sunset Overdrive is the biggest draw for me, but I don't want to buy a console for it.

  4. TBH the graphics barely improves what Alan Wake's did on the 360, and to be a whole new generation the jump is barely noticeable.

  5. Hello i like to get a free xbox do you have a damaged one please please please i love it but it is not available in my country

  6. Sorry Xbox but i think Quantum Break will be a big flop, and Fable Legends would have been a legendary game, but since Microsoft close the doors at LionHead Studios we won't ever find out. It was in my top 3 games to buy this year along with Elder Scrolls online, and Fallout 4. Oh yeah and Minecraft Storymode.

  7. I just got my Xbox one and have no games for it, so I'm looking for someone who is nice enough to let me license transfer with them so I can get some of their games. all I'm really looking for is bo3.

  8. I love Microsoft and everything i just cant afford a Xbox one i barley got a Xbox 360 and i had to use my own money.

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