Home Videos Xbox One STILL LOSING? yup.

Xbox One STILL LOSING? yup.


Xbox One STILL LOSING? yup.

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  1. This is what I think, the PS4 controller is disgusting (in my opinion) it's so bulky and not comfortable. Yep, that's right, I said it, come at me PS fanboys! I'm ready!

  2. PC shouldn't be compared to Xbox/ps4. It's two totally different communities. On one end, you have gamers who enjoy exclusives and free stuff from their memberships. on the other end, you have people on PC who only really care about graphics, framerate, and better online connection without having to pay for a membership. if you think about it guys, the only thing PC does better than console is graphics and that's pretty much it.

  3. windows 10 & xbox one completely sync now; Windows 10 PCs can run your xb1 console from anywhere with wifi…

  4. Xbox One players play their games.. and enjoy their every day life.. PS4 fanboys spend most of their time bashing anyone who doesn't own a PS4.

  5. you dam right miersoft is losing the war miersoft time for you to diiiiiiiiie and take the trash outa of the xboobone? Sony has won the war and Nintendo is 2nd place

  6. haha xflop and the cancelbound games line up. only 26 million hahahahah. deal with it bitches.

  7. Funny how these console dumbfucks still don't realize that building a pc is just as easy as building something out of lego's. Lmao there are 5 year old's who have build a pc. This just proofs how unbelievably ignorant console gamers are. They are just plain stupid to still think that console's are cheaper and more comfortable than gaming pc's. The only reason i would ever want a console is because of the exclusives. But for AAA games? hell no. Just look at bf1 on console its easy af due to all the kids and the enormous lack of skill thanks to aim assist.

  8. Machinima stop with these fucking videos why don't you show some real news for once in your worthless fucking lives you always make the console wars worse and make idiots out there talk more shit about which black box is better

  9. lol this is really late but who the hell really cares? i own the Ps4 and the Xbox one S they both have specific games that are only available for one or the other! some of which are my favourite games so i have both! they are both amazing consoles with amazing graphics and they look nice! why do people have to pick a favourite and bitch and moan just pick it and sit down! no need to shove your opinion about how its better down other console players throats

  10. This video has zero content or information. It's a waste of time. This bald fuck should kill himself.

  11. Who cares.. I own both and personally enjoy my XB1 far more since it's hooked up and running my entire media center, however PS4 is cool in its own right.

  12. Even though that's far away from sonys figures, isn't the xbox 1 selling at a higher rate than the 360 did in its first 2 years? Just curious. I think the xbox 1 is actually doing well, it's just that Sony is doing much, much better.

  13. i finally hooked up my xbone back up after a year and for the most part i'm just playing 360 games or rare replay, so far i'm just playing old games besides halo 5.. i should have just hooked up my 360 instead. such a waste.

  14. Xbox fucking sucks period. I've been an Xbox owner for a while and the Xbox one has been the biggest fail in consoles ever.. Xbox one was a step down from Xbox 360 honestly …Microsoft fucked up with Xbox one that's why they are quick to come out with another Xbox because they knew they fucked up

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