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Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations – Review


Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations - Review


  1. this review is the opposite of what i heard someone else state. .they stated this one was fun but a lot of the other games for adventures time are not very good

  2. This is six bucks at target on Wii U right now…worth it? I thought the Dungeon one looked cool. Though I know it's very different.

  3. If Telltale would have made the game it would have an awkward lag between scenes. I'm sour that you gave this game a 3. I got it for Christmas but I'm barely on episode 3 because I want to enjoy the game because it is pretty short. I love Adventure Time but the show itself is slow for the 15 minutes it's on. There's parts here and there that make you actually care and laugh. Just like the game. I find it completely adorable and funny when Gunter gets squirted with the water bottle. It's just personal taste. I do admit the combat feels a bit clunky and anti-climactic but it's not as bad as some other games I've played. As for myself I'd give it a 7.5/10 and as a game to recommend it's at least a 5/10.

  4. Anyone know what songs he used for background music? I've heard them before, killing me that I can't remember what they're from.

  5. thank you for this I am a big adventure time fan but this isn't the type of game I want

  6. Thank, you so much for this review, i saw it on sale for black friday for $25 but even then i can see its not even worth that much to me. Maybe $10 $15

  7. Eww, they look ugly in three dimensions, couldn't they have at least made it cel-shaded to keep in the tradition of the two dimensional cartoon?

  8. this looks pretty nice
    I wish there was a good 2d adventure time game that is challenging and has something like an endgame where you just play to have fun and enjoy all the funny sidejokes

  9. Thanks for the review. This would bore my kids out of their skulls. I'm glad you got into detail about the mechanics and general gameplay by comparing it to other titles to help us understand what it'd be like. A lot of reviewers just whine about generally not liking a game or get into really uninventive "it's just that good" type talk.

  10. I just bought the game. The music in the back ground…It loops alot, and not that exciting. The guy talks really slow in the begin, and you can't skip what he's sayin nor have the options to click 'x' to continue, you have to wait for him to finish talking. I couldn't figure out what to say when PG was asking me questions about the investigations, everytime I got a wrong answer I had to start over.

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