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ASMR Unboxing Amazon Sony PS4 Playstation games


Unboxing Call of Duty Ghosts , Battlefield 4 and Assasin’s Creed 4 Black Flag

I have a couple of 7 day trials and one 30 day trial of PS Plus, which I cannot use because my credit card has a PO BOX address and it won’t work no matter how many times I try. I was thinking of giving those away when I reach 100 Subscribers. What do you say? Ok so the way it will work is that you guys help me get more views/subscribers and send me a PM on my inbox so I know you are subscribed ( even the current subscribers, because some of you have it private and I can’t see who subscribed! ). You must be subscribed and you must send me the inbox at the moment of reaching 100 subscribers. Let’s see if this works well… Thanks for watching!

If you have any suggestions for unboxings, or if you wish to send me stuff to unbox let me know!

ASMR Unboxing Amazon Sony PS4 Playstation games


  1. holy shit, that crinkling. It's very rare for me to feel tingles, unfortunately. Only the best can give me tingles, on very rare occasions. Thank you.

  2. I play ghosts a lot but I also play Black Flag a lot. They are both great games. Not a fan of battlefield though.

  3. Nice video as always but the plastic sound you make by getting it too close to the camera is rather annoying. Otherwise awesome asmr videos you got there 🙂

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