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Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway Review


Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Review


  1. What a great game with an emotional ending.Even after several hours of blasting screaming krauts bastards I struggled to hold back tears when Matt finished his speech.

  2. The gameplay was amazing and the cover system very clever and fun, a sequel with buffed graphics would be a killer app

  3. IGN are just a bunch of gamersnobs. Sure they review games,but many reviews seem bias to me. Hey,just my opinion. They have there's i have mine. This game deserves a lot more credit than this guy says. He says enemies often just stand there and do nothing…well he obviously wasn't playing on its hardest difficulty. It has that COD classic feel plus a gore factor you just won't find in todays games. Makes games like Destiny seem like My Little Pony. Go back to your Halo wanna be games. If you want a real war simulation that allows you to command your team through the trenches of France and Normandy,then give this classic a chance. I can't guarantee you'll like it…at least until you blow off a chunk of Jerry's head or send them to pieces with a well placed grenade. Ha Ha Ha. Insert evil laughter here…

  4. Back when War games actually made you care about it's characters and story unlike what CoD has become

  5. These games are so underrated. I just played through Road to Hill 30 again, it holds up will today.

  6. More war games need to use the blowing up effects like this game. I had blowing someone up and not seeing limbs fly off, it's so fake and annoying, especially with newer games. I think the only other war games that use these exploding effects are COD world at war and Black ops 1.

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