Capsule Force — Announce Trailer | PS4

Capsule Force — Announce Trailer | PS4


Capsule Force -- Announce Trailer | PS4


  1. I played this at sxsw gaming. It was actually fun. Im getting it for steam. PSvitas a dead console anyways.

  2. I played this game at south by south west (SXSW) in austin yesterday. It is so much fun. I highly recommend it.

  3. I got to play the game once with the creator. 1 on 1. And then again with 2 random people and one of the creators friends. 2 on 2. Super fun game both times, its got a nidhogg screen advance objective but way more you can do. shield, charge shots and terrain hazards. 80s space anime awesomeness.

  4. This has gotten my interest since I like old school Japanese anime and the PS4… I hope this game has a single player campaign or maybe co-op type campaign mode you can play with friends and not just be a "plastic kung fu fighter" type with no point or enemy to fight against… but looks good!

  5. I'm 50/50 on this,the visuals are somewhat appealing,the soundtrack from this trailer isn't that great but it seems like one of those games where you'd rather just play it with friends than single player

  6. Some of these people are just stupid Indie games does not reduce the amount of AAA games in development. Sony makes like only 10% of the indie games on the ps4. Most of these games are not bought, funded, or anything of the sort just supported by Sony. 

  7. No tengo nada en contra de juegos como este, pero la verdad es que para la capacidad que el playstation 4 tiene, títulos así solo hacen que los consumidores pensemos en otro sistema. Lo peor de todo es que dicen que solo para ps4 siendo que hasta un xperia lo correría, no se pasen de… De perdis el ps vita mínimo

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