CGRundertow – THOR: GOD OF THUNDER for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

CGRundertow – THOR: GOD OF THUNDER for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


CGRundertow - THOR: GOD OF THUNDER for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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  1. so wait, this is the PS3 version? Really? Holy shit, I almost thought for a second you accidently put in Wii footage in this review, had no idea they did such a terrible job on the graphics.

  2. @Rqoiz see now noob no matter if it has anything with norse mythology to do he is a nordic god anyway and he would never speak english

  3. I am disappointed in this movie..instead of making frost giants look like…well frost giants god damn it they make them look like slightly bigger blue humans

  4. @bowserhsu eh what has asians with this to do:S? you know that norway is in europe right?

  5. @Sbrff Play "Rune". An older game for PC. It's a very fun game, where you play as a Viking, with lots of weapons. You get to reach Hel, fight lot's of Goblins, and even get face to face with Loki. It's a lot better than this game.

    I'm Scandinavian as well, so I know what you mean.

  6. @bambinosto Ehm, because he's a Marvel character. And the based God is not exclusively from Norway.

  7. It`s really cool to see a game about viking from the North/scandinavia…all other games i can think of is vell…."Vikings" xD

    But no seriously though, it might sound stupid, but it makes me happy whenever i see a game/movie based of things from scandnavia! =D
    But you from the US are so used to that, so you probably don`t know what I`m talking about =P

  8. @bambinosto You can't be more wrong…there were as many vikings in what we today call Sweden, Denmark and Iceland as in Norway. You know that the most Runestones are found in Sweden for an example?

  9. @Rqoiz no but most real vikings was from norway and all those viking kings you learned about in history class actually lived about 10 minutes from my house

  10. @bambinosto If you think that this has anything to do with norse mythology, you're wrong. And besides, Norway isn't the whole nordic…

  11. I remember playing this game since I was 16 for Xmas, 4 years ago. I understand not very bold reviews. The story makes no sense. After Loki discretely masterminded the jouton invasion on Asgard, Odin gave him strict orders not to go to their Domain so no more lives would be lost than Sif's. Thor went himself anyway unaware that Sif was recovered by Odin. Nobody told him that Sif was still alive! In thinking Sif was dead, Thor realized Mangog thinking he would destroy the ones responsible for Sif's 'death'. Thor was redeemed but the story makes n sense! I still like this game cuz I like Thor. He's my 2nd favorite marvel super hero! Thor is a good actor and does a good voice. :)

  12. The guy that's reviewing this did a Horrible job. All I heard was bitching and moaning like somebody made him do the dishes LOL.

  13. But the DS game is completely different ass published by wayforward and is actually good. How is it fair to include the DS version in the title if you don't even include it in the review.

  14. i'm sure they made the money back … if there are people that spend money on crap like call of duty there sure must be some that bought this

  15. Now you've done it, I was laughing as it is while watching this video, paused so that I wouldn't suffocate, as I was reading comments, came across yours in particular I laughed even harder…….. You caused me so much discomfort :-)

  16. I played through this twice on the Wii and it was a blast! No glitches, jumping problems, or major technical issues. Also had no trouble figuring out where to go. Some slow down, some camera problems, but nearly nearly as much as most games. You use the Wiimote as the hammer for the most part and that was really fun! The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions look like crap though. Big Thor fan so I'm forgiving, but still I had no problem with it. Very different from what was shown in this video.

  17. Man, I am NOT buying this game then. It sounds (and looks) like a total travesty. Thanks for saving me from what I already thought was a bad gamble.

  18. go play both. gow is amazing, this game sucks. the difference? gow has amazing graphics, good story, and great gameplay. thor has none of these

  19. Hi, I'm a Gamespot reviewer. I'm going to praise God of War, but bash Thor: God of Thunder for having nearly exact combat mechanics because I wasn't paid off to make it sound good!

    Good thing no one reviews Gamespot reviews. I almost fell asleep a minute in from Tom's uninspired droning. Have a coffee before you do another of these.

  20. C'mon its not that bad! I'am sure there is one good thing about it! Thor fans prob. will like it. I rented it, and played for about an hour. I like the weapon ring system! And thought the game looked decent. Other than that i give it about a 6, on a scale to 10.

  21. this game is a shame for the mighty thor… I've buy it for 2 bucks and it was a waste of money

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