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Changing NAT type for xbox 360?


i have my xbox conected 2 a linksys router and my nat type is moderate i can make it open by pluging it in the modem but that stops the internet on the computer how can i make it open, btw i dont no much about computers so i dont want to have to do something that concerns password and al that

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  1. umm if you have a moderate nat problem, you may have to get the pw to you’re router and then go from there to it’s setup page which is usually or, you just type that into the pc’s web browser and enter username/pw then select ppnp : ON and go to port forwarding, and open the ones you need for xbox live.I tried this but you should try the easier thing to do.first

    1.) gotot the dashboard my xbox all the way to the end , system settings, network settings, if you’re ip and dns settings are not already set to automatic you should set it to that on both then try the xbox live test see if it fixed the nat issue.if its set to auto already then simply type in any random ip address thats not being used by your pc’s/devices.try or 192.168.11 they shouldnt be in use.as for your dns settingsi cant really tell you from not seeing your pc but you can try and thats what it usually is.once done try the xbox live test see if it works

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