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Dark Void review


Dark Void review


  1. it's word 25 bucks, don't listen to these critics. just get used to the controls. with the jet pack, hover to hit enemies by pressing a or when flying lock on by pressing left button and it will be a world's difference.

  2. man that's exactly how I feel about both of those games. it's funny, I'm playing this game now wondering why everyone said it's crap, and thinking that the same people said TimeShift was shit. I think it's because they all suck at the games and could not adjust to the controls. Once you get around that curve, the games are top notch.

  3. I liked this game. There's something about it that got me hooked. Same thing happened to me with Timeshift. Everyone said it was shit, but I liked it.

  4. this game kinda sucked i just beat it and the gameplay is good but the ending sucks and the story is just terrible

  5. i dont care much for graphics and yes this game has alot of downs but i enjoyed it and i also thought the developers had a slot of unique ideas

  6. i hope for a sequel too, but the truth is that alot of good games go unoticed either becasue the graphics are not amazing, or becasue a bigger title has the same realese date, i know of too many games like that, and honestly i dont think there will be a sequel.

  7. Dont buy it rent it. its one of those games its good the first time, but when you play the second you relise how much it sucks

  8. It's absolutly a terrible game, ported from the pc? I dont think so, the pc version is so bad by any aspect u look at – controls? Worse graphics and performence? Lame, just worse than the avrege normal game.

  9. Just got this game for eight dollars at GameStop. I'm not expecting much from this game since I'm just getting it for the trophies. Getting trophies doesn't cloud my judgement of good games, but I've heard that this game is a play and forget. Had eight dollars to spare after pre-ordering Arkham City.

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