Do you think I can do this?

Do you think I can do this?


So I bought a xbox 360 Arcade bundle which included Guitar Hero and the guitar on black Friday (at walmart).

I opened it today, and set up everything, popped in my guitar hero and the red and green button on the guitar doesn’t work. Do you think if I go to Walmart tomorrow and show them my receipt and everything, can they give me a new guitar and I give them the one I got?

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  1. Yes, they should let you return it for a new one with the receipt

    (full refund). But we all know how some stores can be.(like Wallmart)

  2. I would call them and ask what their policy is. They will probably make you bring in the whole console to exchange it.

  3. They probably wont give u a new guitar so bring back the game to and they will give you a whole new game and guitar. if they dont hold your breath until you pass out to prove a point

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