Dragon Age Origins Review (Sex & Violence)

Dragon Age Origins Review (Sex & Violence)


Dragon Age Origins Review (Sex & Violence)


  1. I fucking love This game. here's why. Romance, is a 10/10.
    Combat is a 7/10. The world, 10/20. The Characters is a fucking 10/10. Sex Ohhh hell yeah, 9/10. The weapons and armor, 10/10. The choices A fucking 10/10. The story is a 10/10, if you use a elf.
    The difficulty is FUCKING GOOD, 10/10.
    This game is wayyy better than the 3.

    The final verdict is a 9.9/10

  2. Can anyone send a working link to his full review, cause the link he provides in the description leads a video that wont play or just a plain white screen

  3. the ending was crap no free roam. whats the point of loot or character creation without free roam or ng plus

  4. Just downloaded this for free on Xbox gold and thought to myself let's see what joe has to say.

  5. Finally getting this game from games with gold haha but my god this episode is old, nearly 10 years

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