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FIFA Soccer 09 Video Review by GameSpot


Will FIFA 09 go top of the league? Find out in GameSpot UK’s video review

FIFA Soccer 09 Video Review by GameSpot

FIFA 08 PS3/Xbox 360 review from pspsps.tv & xboxer.tv


  1. @sangolt88 You assume ALL people who say soccer are fat.Gtfo of here with your idiotic logic you retard..This is why I believe SOCCER is a religion

  2. fifa 09 xbox360(single player)=great!!
    fifa 09 xbox360(multi player)=bad!!

    fifa 08 xbox360(singe+multi)=great!!

    fifa 08 the best football game ever made!!

  3. i wish fifa games had the kit customisation of pes games like the thousand of shirt designs, socks etc but imo fifa is better…IMO

  4. how come pro evo gets a woeful 7 and fifa an excellent 8? I mean you make them out to be so very different in the pro evo review but there's only 1 point of a difference…seems like they are pretty similar.

  5. yes had every fifa made bout time we beat shitty pro evo i had pro evo for a day was same crap graphics fifa 08 ps3 muh better and better online part from same twats keep bein barcalona online all the time but at least hey dont do thru ball shit like on 07 ps2 one more thing special monk is a twat try doin it on this fifa

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