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flOw Review (PS4) – Learning To Love PlayStation


flOw, which comes to us by thatgamecompany, is an interestingly simplistic game that’s graced PS3, PSP, PS Vita, and PS4. This review aims to put it in front of more people, since it seems to have been overshadowed due to Flower and Journey’s receptions.

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Learning To Love PlayStation is a personal review/log of notable PlayStation titles I’m playing in an attempt to catch myself up on a part of gaming culture I’ve near-entirely missed out on, if you’ve enjoyed this you may find other games I’ve discussed on my channel. Thank you for watching.

flOw Review (PS4) - Learning To Love PlayStation

thatgamecompany’s fantastic, experimental adventure game has never been better than it is on PS4.

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  1. Haven't played much of this game (should give it another shot), but I played the crap out of Flower on PS3. Would be interesting to see you tackle that game eventually.

  2. Ooh, good thing I checked my sub box before I went back to working on stuff. The most I played flow was like one random day right when the PS4 came out, when my buddy and I just casually played it for like an hour by accident. I paid literally no attention though, so now the whole "different planes" mechanic makes a lot more sense.

  3. I like how most people say that other people don't respect this game but I read no comments saying they hate this game

  4. What goes on inside a persons mindto create such crap stranger still what goes on inside a persons mind what actually likes this? Oh yes this world is truly fu Ked up

  5. So this game is better than Bloodborne? which only got a 9.2 rating whereas this got a 9.5……?

  6. Looks boring, although I'm curious. It seems to be getting good reviews, same applies to Journey. Hopefully these games can help me decide on whether I want ABZU

  7. If you think this game is boring, try playing it stoned. This game will really dig deep into your senses.

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