God Of War 3 (Playstation 3) – Part 1

God Of War 3 (Playstation 3) – Part 1


God of War 3 is again a direct sequel to the previous game which was released on Playstation 2. It is evident that the goal of the developers was to take God of War 2 and multiply it by over 9000.

Much improved graphics? Check.
Even greater scale in boss encounters and level design? Check.
An even more emotionally unstable Kratos? for sure!

this is a damn fine game and the first one in the series that I tried. I never thought much about the God of War series, but I got that one cheap so why not. when I saw how much it kicked ass, I had to get them all and play them in order. the atmosphere of each stage is excellent, the design fits perfectly. I just wish the ps3 had enough power to render this in higher resolution. like most games, it is upscaled, but the best you can get is 1080i. screw interlaced, why does that still exist.

however, I don’t get why Kratos is still so extremely powerful. he is not a god anymore, but drained his powers into the sword of olympus. that means he is mortal, but still wields the powers of a god. but still… without wanting to spoil too much, how can he kill gods and titans left right and center with such little effort? i’m not trying to argue that games need to make 100% sense, but winning a boss fight is not so much “wow, this was epic” to me rather than “did he just tear apart a god that easily?”. also, I’m getting rather disconnected from the story. the more I progress the more I think “wtf is he doing?”. it could be intended and even if it wasn’t, it succeeded in creating an emotion and that reflects a quality game.

the other issue I have is the lack of innovation with weapons. yet another set of blades (like the original). then claws on chains. and some other chain blade weapon at the end of the game. the only semi-interesting addition is the Nemean Cestus, some fist weapon. in my opinion, it’s nowhere near as cool as the barbarian hammer in God of War 2 though. the secondary weapons aren’t too great either. ok, another bow, another area lightning attack… ok, souls… the head of helios is a great addition though. not only does it light the way in dark areas, it also reveals hidden chests and passages.

so did I like it? hell yea. I know, I wrote two long paragraphs about what was not so great about the game, but all in all it is an excellent action game. I am still not sure which of the three I like the most, but I think this one is the best. It feels the most like an adventure and that’s what I like about the series. not so much the difficulty of God or Titan or whatever mode or finding out how to get some high combos. I just play on normal difficulty and enjoy the scenery… the story… the adventure with Kratos as the hero. if you don’t own this game yet, but have a ps3… do yourself a favor and get the whole God of War collection. you’ll love it.

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God Of War 3 (Playstation 3) - Part 1

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