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Good FPS’s for xbox live?


Hello, I am looking for a good first person shooter for the xbox 360. Ive been playing MW2 and it is getting so irritating and frustrating lately all it is is noobtubing and camping.and ive been playing black ops too but i honestly think it is worse that mw2.i personally think treyarch rode the Call of Duty name all the way to the bank.but anyways, i enjoy Battlefield: Bad company 2. and the vietnam pack that i got for it.and also Halo reach.Ive been looking at Crysis 2 and that looks awesome, but can anyone tell me if it is worth buying? I only play on xbox live, i never play the campaign. How is the online gameplay for crysis 2? and also, let me know of any other good FPS’s for the xbox 360.Thankyou:)

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  1. Boishock 1 or 2. the halo Series. GTA ( third person tho). Cabelas big game hunter (hunting game).

  2. You miss some good content by not playing the campaign. Crysis 2 multi-player is decent. Not awesome. Basically, the same people play the same games. So the guy who camped you in MW2 will be camping you in Crysis2, and Homefront, and Battlefield 3. There really are only so many ways to play a shooter. In the end, it’s about shooting people.

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