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GTA5 Xbox One/PS4 Review Commentary


We jump into the PlayStation 4 version of GTA 5 to check out what’s new and improved as we begin our review.

GTA5 Xbox One/PS4 Review Commentary


  1. How much is it at game stop bc I have a ps4 slim for Christmas and I am waiting for all the stores to open up again

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  3. wanting gta 5 on xbox one.
    I'll gameshare my games for exchange
    destiny with all expansions and the taken king
    dying light
    forza 2
    my gamertag: darkandreckless

  4. you gave up that gorgous el camino for that piece of shit?! thats deserving of an ass beating pal.

  5. I don't like the vechiles interior,rearview mirror & no water effect on car windows when its raining ,not look like a next gen but this game a ton of fun

  6. Do be honest I'm a Xbox one fan and I don't like what you said so who's ever a Xbox one fan lets go attack ps4

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