Here’s What Red Dead Redemption Looks Like On Xbox One

Here’s What Red Dead Redemption Looks Like On Xbox One


Here's What Red Dead Redemption Looks Like On Xbox One

Red Dead Redemption Xbox One vs Xbox 360 Gameplay Frame-Rate Test


  1. The reason why PS3 games haven't been emulated on PS4 is because it is pretty much impossible, due to the cell processor the PS3 had.

  2. I learned nothing about this game from this review. You talked about things unrelated to the actual game itself.

  3. I bought this game again when I heard it was backwards compatible because the disk I had was scratched beyond repair. Still had all my saves and DLC. Money well spent.

  4. I fell for playstation players. I mean, they don't yet have PS3 compatibility on PS4 yet right? So, their only choice is to subscribe to playstation now to stream it. Major bummer.

  5. man nobody saying this a remastered its backwards compatible its going to look the same.

  6. Ik this sounds dumb af but. How do you play the game on Xbox one? Do you get the 360 disc and put it in the Xbox one

  7. The game is on the XB1 store for $27 for just the game, no GOTY no DLC. its currently $30 at gamestop for the GOTY edition. picked mine up yesterday.

  8. 360 still has brighter lighting/darker shadows and makes the scenery/desert look believable. Xbone is muted/dull.

  9. Probably a stupid question, but why can't the xbox 1 emulate it at a higher resolution or at 60fps?

  10. It's laughable that the new consoles can't even handle above 30 fps on red dead redemption. Not to mention rdr2 which will be stuck at 30 wish it came to PC …….

  11. Why is the frame-rate capped. Surely the Xbox One can run this at 60fps. Not that I would benefit from it. I'm stuck with the 360 version only until a PC version comes out (if it ever does).

  12. They could have unlocked the fps 60, but they didn't because this gives Rockstar the reason to release another "remastered" version…

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