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history of video game starting screens

Collection of 51 Game console startup's (All! Part 1) [HQ]


  1. when i was 6 the original xbox startup sound and everything scared the crap outta me and i always ran out of the room and came back when it finished XD aaah memories

  2. I knew the Xbox 360 was first on those graphics than PS3! you can say that PS3 is better than xbox 360, but never forget that xbox 360 was the first one to make those graphics from what I know!

  3. The snes didn't have a startup screen the only startup screen for the Super Nintendo was for Japan only using the BS-X add on you used a fanmade startup

  4. what happened to the PSP? u included the game boy advance but not the PSP! I'm triggered

  5. I have a Sega genesis and ever time I put this one cartage in it would play that. and I thought they said mega also my xbox 360 does start like that also my uncles ps3 does start like that

  6. SNES is from 1991 not 1992, Gamecube is from 2001 not 2002 and Gameboy is from 1989 not 1990 Gameboy Color is from 1998 not 1999 and you forgot Wii U, 3DS and DS.

  7. good call including the underrated vectrex! Personal favourites: sega CD (all regions/models), Dreamcast, PS1, Gamecube, Wii, N64 & a few others. Hard to pick favourites xD

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