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How do I get slimes to spawn in my world ( Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition)?


How big should a spawn room be?

How many blocks from bedrock?

How high, wide, and long does the room need to be?

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  1. First you will need to mine all the way to the BOTTOM BEDROCK, Xbox has 2 layers of bedrock so be sure to get the bottom one. Slimes spawn 2-3 layers above the bottom of bedrock so start digging a small room on those layers. The bigger the room the better chances of Slimes being there, so make it pretty big. The Dimmensions of the room are totally up to you, if you want to make a room fast you can always duplicate the TNT and put the TNT 2 blocks in a wall, it will destroy a 3x3x3 area of the room. So the roof would be 3 blocks high if you used this method. If you don’t know how to duplicate blocks, search up the latest duplication method on YouTube, around the date of July 13 should be the correct duplication glitch, it should say some stuff about a furnace and a pickaxe. Anyway, after you have mad a pretty big room, dived the room into sections with fences, this will allow you to get to the Slimes without them attacking you, the Dimmensions of the fences also depends on you, varying on how big the room you made is. After you have done all of this, close of the entrance to the slime farm and wait a couple of days, when you return you should have a roomful of Slimes! If you have anymore questions, ask me on Xbox, my GT is XxZOMBIEBe4stxX. Hope you get some Slimes!

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