Home Playstation Forum How do I jailbreak ps3 on 4.11?

How do I jailbreak ps3 on 4.11?


Ok so I found this website and it says that you can jailbreak ps3 on 4.11 is it real? [url is not allowed]

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  1. surprise surprise

    click on the link that you have got on your question and then the click on the how to ps3 jailbreak 4.11 download here icon and you get a survey

    that tells you it is FAKE

    the only way you can jailbreak a ps3 with 4.11 is to install a E3 FLASHER, that will downgrade your ps3 to 3.55 but doing do you will NOT be able to able online or use the psn store

  2. No every article or post that says u can jb on 4.0 is fake and the download files are virus so don’t go with any website that u don’t know instead of that just type “ps3 jb 4.11” every month or couple of days on google and check the news tab if the jb is officially made then it will be on headlines.

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