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how to mod GTA gaytony?


on xbox
Update 2:
online hotswap

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  1. You modify the contents of the game, burn it to a disk then either flash your dvd drive or hotswap to play the modified content.

  2. If you are doing the USB method it isn’t possible to access the mods online but if you want offline mods then go onto youtube or modio, type in ‘GTA TBOGT usb GPD file’ And download the link in the description. Also youtube a tutorial on how to put it on.

    1) Get a USB 2GB+

    2) Stick it in your Xbox 360

    3) Press the Guide button on your controller

    4) Go all the way to the right of the menu and press system settings > Memory > USB DEVICE

    5) Configure your usb, (Note: You can press Y and choose how much space you would want to use)

    6) From there press memory > Games and Profiles > GTA TBOGT > Game save 1,2,3 etc. Move to USB

    7) Unplug your USB and stick it in your computer

    8) Download Modio via google

    9) Download a modded gamesave

    10) Open up Modio

    11) Load Gamesave from device > save to desktop

    12) Load Modded Gamesave from computer > save to desktop

    13) Open both gamsaves up via the Modio menu

    13) Copy and Paste your profile and console id into the modded profile ( this one probably has lots of 0000000 etc. in it) and click rehash and resign

    14) Put it in your xbox and play it off of your usb or put it on your hard drive

    Hope I helped

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