Is it worth buying a PS3?

Is it worth buying a PS3?


Hey guys, I’ve had an Xbox 360 for near 5yrs now. Want to get a PS3 as well for the exclusives. Now as we’re in 2012 and they’ve been out for quite some time, is it worth getting a PS3 at this point in time?. Thanks guys.
Damn got alotta answers fast haha. Thanks for the feedback all. Yeah, killzone / infamous / god of war are the ones I really want to try out. The cheapest deal I’ve found thus far is PS3 slim 320GB brand new with FF XIII-2 sealed for £214. What do you guys think of that deal? sounds pretty nice.
Update 2:
Also guys, the guy below said about Xbox having faster and better connections, is this true? or is the difference not noticeable?

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  1. yes!

    ps3 has better gameplay and you dont have to pay to play online. and many games are only for ps3 exp.god of war or kill zone

  2. Yep, the console is miles better, anybody who thinks the 360 is superior needs their head checking. As other people have said it has a blu-ray driver, you can upgrade the hard drive without paying overblown 360 hard drive prices, it has an internet browser (the connection isn’t slower, dunno who started that childish rumour) the console is more reliable (lasts longer), the pads are better, the exclusives are miles better, the interface is better, online playing is free, you can rip video to the hard drive.need I go on?

  3. I don’t think it’s worth it, I was going to get a ps3 this year but decided not to.

    I prefer the Xbox because the Internet connection is better and faster.

  4. I wouldn’t.

    To buy a PS3 in 2012 when you already have a 360 would be a little pointless, imo. Sure, the PS3 is a better system. Frankly, you should have chosen it in the first place. They are practically the same aside from the handful of exclusives for each. However, they differ by the PS3 being able to play blu-rays, access online play for free, and experience less-frequent breakdowns. You should have got a PS3 from the start (btw, I’m no fanboy; these are the facts). To buy one now; you could, but I wouldn’t. Uncharted is pretty fun (the online multiplayer anyway), but not THAT fun. Again this is my opinion.

    Connection speed is reliant on your internet service provider. It has nothing to do with the console whatsoever. The person who said the xbox has a “faster and better connection” is an idiot.

  5. Yeah it is worth it. They are still actively making games, and PS is not going to be releasing any information about their new system this year so you will have a few years to enjoy it before the new one comes out.

  6. yea its worth buying because my PS3 has a great network connection for online games and internet browsing, it also has a blue ray player unlike the xbox 360

  7. Yes definitely I only got mine recently it’s great. the next gen consoles will not arrive for at least 2 years and ps3 are cheap enough now

  8. Yes because you don’t have to pay for online and it has blu ray also there are many good game that are for PS3 like uncharted or infamous

  9. Well Sony have said they will definately NOT be bringing a new console out anytime soon. Also they supported PSone long after the PS2 came out and did the same for PS2 PS3 so yeah. You got good game time. I think most of the connection comments are fanboyish but I have noticed faster download speeds for the Xbox360. Not had a problem with PSN though

  10. I say, that PS3 is better than Xbox. It has Blu-Ray, own WiFi access point, you don’t have to pay for multiplayer, if you have a certain TV, it can even play games in 3D. Also, PS3 controllers are all fully chargeable, wireless and even Sixaxis system lets you to move the Controller instead of buttons while playing certain games. Well, I agree, Xbox controller is more comfortable, but PS3 controller is more advanced and stronger, it has a good endurance as well. Also, PS3 has double the ram + much better graphics, and you can store your PSP and PS Vita save data in it.

    Well, now it’s the time for you to decide. If you get a PS3, invite me on PSN, my nick is DjKMeoW.

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